Towed buoy in Cupabia

Towed buoy in Cupabia

Centre nautique de Cupabia

Serra di ferro
1 to 5 people


Round of 15 minutes
1 PERSONS (1 TO 2 ) 25€
1 PERSONS ( 3 TO 9) 22€


Great classics of each summer, our various towed vehicles will delight young and old, with family or friends, from the most daring to the most reticent... Throw yourself in the water, laughter guaranteed !

Choose the desired machine and let our professional pilots (qualified and experienced) adapt speed and piloting according to your desires...

At Waterplay we have the largest selection of towed equipment in the Gulf of Propriano and have made this one of our specialities.

Embark from 1 to 5 people for a maximum of sensations, in complete safety.

How it works

After a presentation of the different machines we offer and when you have chosen, you will be equipped with safety equipment adapted to your size.

Now all you have to do is join your qualified pilot who will be delighted to offer you unforgettable sensations to make your summer even more beautiful !


Safety equipment, choice of vehicle, piloting by a qualified instructor.

Good to know

Our various proposed machines are the following :

- The Sofa (as comfortable as at home, or almost!) : Go out dry, come in dry! The Sofa allows you to have incredible sensations without falling into the water! It is ideal for children and families as well as for all those who do not have a highly developed aquatic fibre! Settle down comfortably and enjoy the incredible landscape of Cupabia seen from the sea ...

From 1 to 4 people and from 4 years old.

-Le Sombrero : According to your pilot's indications and your wishes, start your session sitting down, continue by standing up or with your back to the buoy... We offer refreshments: the Sombrero can be overturned and you can fall into the water! The Sombrero provides intense gliding sensations and can be adapted to children, teenagers, adults and families looking for thrills!

It is our "intermediate" buoy from 1 to 5 people and from 6 years old.

-The Xscream or disk : go flat on your stomach at the water's edge for a maximum of sensations... insured fall, do not heat the pilot (or really heat him)! This is our most sporty and physical buoy. It is suitable for adults, children and teenagers wishing to have a maximum of sensations and who are not afraid of falling into the water, head first !

From 1 to 4 people

Meeting place

Waterplay centre nautique, plage de Cupabia
20140 Serra di ferro
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